Final Project Field Notes-Hipster Subculture

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  1. Thank you Prof. Herzog for your comments ! You gave me very useful ideas that will help me structuring my final paper in more elaborate way. I’ll definitely look at Angela McRobbie’s work and talk more about the role of music in “indie” and hipster culture. I’m also planning to talk a little bit about Greenpoint as a neighborhood that used to be mostly Polish and how it changed over time. As a Polish girl I can see a big difference in my community that now have to migrate to other parts of New York such as Maspeth and Rigewood, Queens, because of the gentrification of Greenpoint that occurred in past decade.

  2. Amy Herzog says:

    Just wrote a long comment that disappeared! I was taken aback to see field notes that included the coffee shop I go to almost every day 🙂 Your observations are spot on and beautifully written. As this evolves into a paper, I’d like to see you weave in more direct thoughts about the role music plays in the scene. I’ll also look for a solid set of scholarly sources on “indie” and hipster culture. Hibbett should be very useful, and I suggest looking at Angela McRobbie’s work on vintage fashion.

  3. Amy Herzog says:

    One other thought, Samanta– you might want to spend some time explaining the specificity of hipster culture in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Are hipsters here different from in other communities (within or beyond NY)? What brings them to Greenpoint, what is the appeal of the neighborhood versus others?

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